Thoughts on Writing

Nancy’s Thoughts on Writing

Writing is the making of meaning. Writing is not the recording of meaning, but its creation. Inspiration comes from the actual writing. You didn’t know you had to write brilliantly, just write. Ideas abound everywhere. An idea is only the bait. Revising is part of writing and also an act of creation. The title of your next book may be in the index of your previous book. Read aloud your writing to find the rhythm. You can edit anytime. Does you writing make the reader laugh until his eyes are shut?

Using a computer doesn’t make you a better writer. Have you ever regretted anything you’ve written? You can’t write hand gestures. What you don’t know, you can learn. Reading is the first step to writing. And, by the way, don’t ever cut off the price of your dust jacket.

Writing is man’s most far reaching creation. The origin of writing came from the need to record everyday life. Writing is not essential to living and the need to write is unexplainable. You think, therefore you write. Write tight, let the book get cold, polish it. Writing is another way to see. Writing isn’t as hard as you think, but writing is a journey of discovery. And you don’t want to talk away any book you can write. A book is proof you were here. The best thing that qualifies you to be a writer is that you are a person. Doing too much research can keep you from writing.

Remember, you can write in longhand anywhere, anytime. Enthusiasm about writing eventually leads to writing. Writer’s block is simply a fear or a feeling of being overwhelmed.