Monday, February 14, 2011

My Name is Nancy

A person's name has a fascination. Sometimes a name of a thousand years ago has a different connotation today. But some remain the same. We react to other people's names and they react to our names. Beyond the names themselves, do you know of  the people who chose your name? Reflect on what was important to them in chosing a name such as tradition, novelty, defiance and obscurity.

My name was chosen because my mother was reading a McCalls magazine story and the heroine's name was Nancy.

How was your name chosen?

Posted by Melvyn Chase August 12, 2011

My father was a band leader in vaudeville (and burlesque) when I was born: a show business guy. And he looked a little like Melvyn Douglas. So he and my mother called me Melvyn, a name I disliked when I was young but now embrace. I guess I learned that you give meaning to your name, rather than your name giving meaning to you.

Posted by Nancy August 25, 2011

In 1700 of 2,500 girls registered for baptism in 200 English parish registers only three are listed as Betty, 441 as Elizabeth, 341 Anns and only one “Nancy.” How’s that for trivia. NHR

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