Monday, March 21, 2011

Why I wrote “Joseph Imhof, Artist of the Pueblos”

I met Joseph Imhof when I was twelve years old. Much later I realized he had been overlooked in the art world. After twenty years of research, I knew as much about him as anyone. So I decided I had to either continue researching or write the book.

Has your research become too extensive? Are you a researcher or writer?

Posted by Ben Johnson April 10, 2012

I understand that you are very knowledgeable about Joseph Imhof and wondered if you could help me. My grandmother used to take care of Joseph Imhof’s mother (I believe) in Taos and in appreciation, he would give my grandmother pieces of his original artwork. My dad inherited these pieces decades ago, but he died a few years ago and our family is trying to get an idea of the value of them.  So I was wondering if you knew of someone who is familiar with his works that I might be able to contact.  Any ideas you can share with me are appreciated.

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