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The Blue Egg, A Memoir Book Cover

The Blue Egg, A Memoir

(Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico) by Nancy Hopkins Reily, Illustrated by Byron Jones. Paperback, ISBN-10: 1632932024, ISBN-13: 978-1632932020, $16.95

Nancy Hopkins Reily writes of viewing a painting at Georgia O’Keeffe’s Abiquiu, New Mexico home on Christmas Eve, 1953. As a nineteen-year-old woman, Reily wondered what the painting was – an unfinished painting or a blue egg. But she realized that something important was going on in the house.

One viewing of anything can spark steps for a journey lasting a day, weeks or years. Reily takes you on her long, long journey of discovery of the painting she called “The Blue Egg.”

Now here is Nancy’s story about writing:

While Nancy was in elementary school, her mother introduced her to books when she took her to the Lakewood Branch of the Dallas Public Library. This viewing unbeknownst to Nancy began a long, long journey about books and words.

After a 1955 B.B.A. degree from Southern Methodist University, then marriage, homemaking, and children, Nancy embarked on a quest to find that indescribable force within herself to say something that couldn’t be said verbally. She began a career as an outdoor color photography portraitist where she learned to not just look, but to see.

Nancy began her interest in writing when she recorded the Robert Louis Stevenson’s quote, “A friend is a gift from you to yourself.” She added hundreds of other sayings and in a rare moment of what to do with her notes, she literally “cut and pasted” the sentences together and decided to write a book using the thoughts. She had turned her ability to see into writing which is just another way to see. In 1990 she published all these thoughts based on her experiences in the New Mexico and Colorado mountains.

Through the years, Nancy’s interest in words has led to researching sixty-four lines of family genealogy before, keeping a daily journal since 1976, and simply organizing research into books on many subjects.

If asked, “How long did it take to write “The Blue Egg,” I reply, “My age at the time.”

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