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Classic Outdoor Color Portraits -  A Guide for Photographers Book Cover

Classic Outdoor Color Portraits -  A Guide for Photographers

(Sunstone Press, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2001) nonfiction/handbook, softcover, 176 pages, ISBN: 0-86534-302-0, $22.95. eBook edition, ISBN: 978-161-139-010-0, $18.95. The concept for this book originated from a classic outdoor color portrait workshop I taught at Angelina College, Lufkin, Texas. Simply, I organized a few rules and guidelines that I have refreshed with my interpretations. In presenting a series of “building blocks” for classic outdoor color portraits I express only my experiences. Every portraitist has different experiences resulting in various ways to photograph individuals in outdoor settings. The true subject is the beauty of the individual and everyone’s approach varies. Being ordinary is being yourself with a distinct level of energy and inward power. When the individual releases that illusive, tiny part of his energized self, he is intimate for a fraction of a second with the camera to become extraordinary. That moment is when the complex components of the individual’s energy, personality, physical presence, real or imagined history, and inner intensity collide and compress into a presentation of an individual fully in control of his life. As the subject’s energy combines with the lighting and contacts the photographic film, a mystifying event happens to create an illusion that is not fully understandable, but accepted. As a portraitist you can bring forth this energized self if you possess the technical skills and passion. See the Table of Contents

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Hard cover - ISBN 0-86534-302-0 $22.95

E-book - ISBN 978-161-139-010-0 $18.95