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I Am At An Age Book Cover

I Am At An Age

(Best of East Texas Publishers, Lufkin, Texas, 1990), nonfiction/memoir, hardcover, 172 pages, ISBN 1-878096-02-8 - $18.95 I Am At An Age is a moving memoir of an urbane woman in rural East Texas coming to terms with her life by developing a broader understanding of relationships with her parents, husband, children, friends—even herself.

Nancy Hopkins Reily uses the power of mountains and the elements of nature as metaphors to encourage the reader to find a deeper understanding of the bonding between parent and child, the essential need of each individual to develop his or her own identity, the mutual respect and love between husband and wife, the necessity of solitude with oneself, the pain and exhilaration of personal growth, the acceptance of sorrow and death as part of life, the need for humor and laughter, the rewards of middle age and, finally the power of a woman’s presence.

I Am At An Age is a book to keep, to read again and again. (Order from Best of East Texas Publishers (936) 634-7444.)